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Hooping with Chika

Hooping with Chika

Chika, aka Hooplur, is a talented hoop performer and instructor out of San Diego CA.  Her business is called Hooping with Chika, and rightly so, as hooping and sharing hoop dance is a huge passion of hers!  Chika exudes a sweet presence, attitude of gratitude, and drive to follow her heart, which is truly an inspiration!

We shot on a white backdrop in my home studio and played with head shots and action shots with her hoops!  In this particular shot I got above her, creating a cool angle of her within the hoop.  She brought beautiful energy and was a joy to work with!

Learn more about the amazing woman she is, and what shes creating in the world here on her website-   HoopingWithChika.com

Hooping with Chika - Jennifer Quest photography