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Jubilee means Business

Jubilee means Business

Meet Jubilee.  Your everyday superhero.  Nope, I’m not kidding.

This woman has a heart of gold and puts it out there!  She’s known as Jubilee, bringing rainbows and sparkles everywhere she goes, be it in her multiple business ventures, to the grocery store, to conversation and connection.  She brings life to any room she enters, and did not fall short at our shoot!

We shot on a white backdrop in my studio.  Her bright purple jacket and rainbow accented fedora, brought the perfect combo of Jubilee business and fun to our scene.  I especially loved when she started to play with the fedora. It brought out her funky style and I loved getting that light and fun reflecting out of her eyes.

With an amazing talent of uniting people and creating gorgeous ambiance, Jubilee is bringing entertainment to life with her baby, The Epic Event Company.