DJ Frances - Jennifer Quest Photography

DJ Frances

DJ Frances

I can just hear her laugh as I sit down to write this.  Frances, or DJ Frances as she is publicly known, is a rare gem.  She’s both a crowd rocking Dj and a passionate friend with a generous heart.  She’s got a smile to light up the darkest of darks, and her laugh is a true story teller of her youthful spirit and illuminating presence.

One of my favorite parts about shooting her was how important it was to show her necklace, a tiny musical note near her heart.  She uses music as a means to move the world!  This emanates from her being.  This shot speaks to me, with her zest for life!  She hid coyly under her hood while at the same time oozed her confident smile and bright eyes.  Her long flowy hair traced her lovely face and her necklace took center stage as a beacon of who she is.  What a beautiful site!

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