Jayme - Jennifer Quest Photography



Meet Jayme.  Jayme and I first met when he came to support one of my performances in San Diego.   I loved him from the start, with his joyful personality and playfulness.  We connected over meaningful conversations, hoop dancing, and his participation in Coastal Sol.  This shoot was a special treat for me, as Jayme has a colorful, mysterious style that ranges across many categories.  I love that about him.  He breaks boundaries with his being, he style and talents…. his unique presence can not be contained!

The first shot, I captured with a spider light in front of him at a slight angle, and a back light pointed at my white backdrop.  For this second shot, I used natural, north facing lighting.  In both shots, I shot at 2.8 to cast a soft, somewhat dreaminess into the shots.

 Thank you Jayme for bringing your awesome personality and style to make this shoot extra special!