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Capturing Beauty

Capturing Beauty

Katie and I have shot together in the past.  This shoot, happened to fall on the Wednesday of the May 2014 San Diego Fire fires.  Most of the day was spent glued to the radio, unsure if evacuations would need to take place.  As the hot and windy day wore on, we were still safe, and decided to move forward with the shoot.

The above photo, is one of my favorite captures from this fiery day, we took right as the sun began to set.  With the smoke in the air, the skies were almost electric orange, casting a powerful glow onto Katie.  She gave me one of her sexy smirks and gazed into my lens.. and pow!  You could feel the energy!

After the shoot, when she saw the pictures, she said “That’s me?  I never realized I was so beautiful.”

Therein lies one of my favorite aspects of being a photographer.  Having the unique opportunity to capture the essence of a person… to help them see in themselves what I can see in them.  My intention is to be a reflection, such that others see the possibility of their own greatness, of their own beauty.  That intention is fulfilled!  Thank you Katie for the opportunity to light you up and reflect the light that you shine on me!

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