Briana - Jennifer Quest Photography



Briana, or Bri as I affectionately refer to her, is a true example of beauty inside and out.  From the beginning of our session on, we buzzed with heart felt conversation, uncovering layers upon layers of depth.  Bri’s depth is not just present in conversation… a gaze into those deep blue eyes says it all.


One of the things I loved most about our shoot, photographically, was the vibrance.  A vibrant woman with vibrant backdrops (in this case my parasols).  All 3 of these shots were shot in natural light… the daylight brought a gorgeous glow to all of the elements.  Even the first shot here, a custom black and white, has vibrance.. or in other words, an essence to it that it is just so alive.  I love it.

CZ4A1431-Edit Briana has a store on Etsy called Rocks for the Spirit.  She specializes in  unique, hand-made, and affordable rock-wrapped jewelry.  Her designs are beautiful.  Take a look and send some love her way by supporting her designs!