The Sight and Sounds of Passion - Jennifer Quest Photography

The Sight and Sounds of Passion

The Sight and Sounds of Passion

A few months ago I was asked to shoot the performances and festivities at a CD release party in honor of Krista Richards and the release of her first solo EP, Passion.


This event also featured the release of another well loved artist, Kiyoshi, with his EP, Affirmation.  This event took place in the beautiful World Beat Center of San Diego CA.



The night was electric!  With Krista set the crowds hearts on fire. She was complimented with accompaniment from DTO aka Dave Kemp, Christine Cyr and Domonic Estes.  What a powerful team of soulful artists!



Krista and Kiyoshi have been collaborating on lots of music together… and we got a great taste of their creations at this event!  It was a melting pot of love infused, lyrically activated, heart opening musical delights!


Krista has got another special event coming up very soon, just in time for the holiday season!  A Holiday celebration with Krista Richards will offer a sweet opportunity to be Merry, cuddle up with friends and family and dive into the sweet sounds of Krista…
Up close and personal…
At the intimate Aum Dome in Encinitas, CA
Saturday December 6th from 4:30 to 9:30pm.  Get your tickets HERE.