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Engagement Bliss

Engagement Bliss.  Such a beautiful time of excitement and celebration, of commitment, and dreams of lifelong love.  I love love.  I love being in love, cheering on love, and I strive to practice love as a state of being.  Sure, it takes practice, patience, grace… as does any lifelong commitment.  What a gift to be
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Angelina.  A rare beauty with a heart to match!  This woman inspired me from behind the lens… and she does much the same in conversation.  She’s smart, passionate, loving, and knows how to work the camera with grace and ease… an absolute treat to shoot with! Angelina has a giant fiery heart.  Literally!  This woman
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Photo Booth Portraits

Talk about fun… my Fiance and I set up a white backdrop and used an umbrella for lighting as we created birthday celebration photo booth portraits of our guests!   Some shots had the nature of a personal portrait shoot. I supplied silly glasses, hats and props, as did guests…  We created a variety of
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Sara Davis Eisenman

Sara Davis Eisenman is a mother, a writer, an artist and an activist.  Her passion for energy work healing, connectedness and community pours from her like a wise waterfall, encouraging flow, bringing nourishment and life to all who cross her path.  This woman truly amazes me with each and every conversation we have.  She stands in a
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Hooping with Chika

Chika, aka Hooplur, is a talented hoop performer and instructor out of San Diego CA.  Her business is called Hooping with Chika, and rightly so, as hooping and sharing hoop dance is a huge passion of hers!  Chika exudes a sweet presence, attitude of gratitude, and drive to follow her heart, which is truly an
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