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Andromeda’s Vault

I have recently had the supreme pleasure of co-shooting a new line of head pieces from the talented Katie Elliot of Andromeda’s Vault.  I was excited to learn about her unique and absolutely stunning designs, when she made a custom piece for a dear friends wedding.  Her designs can be made in all sorts of styles,
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Capturing Beauty

Katie and I have shot together in the past.  This shoot, happened to fall on the Wednesday of the May 2014 San Diego Fire fires.  Most of the day was spent glued to the radio, unsure if evacuations would need to take place.  As the hot and windy day wore on, we were still safe,
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This lovely woman has just got a glow about her.  The moment she stepped in the room, I felt her grace.  We relaxed into effortless flow.. her and I, in a dance of creation with my camera.  She’s got a kind of ease about her that makes you more comfortable… even when she doesn’t think
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Jubilee means Business

Meet Jubilee.  Your everyday superhero.  Nope, I’m not kidding. This woman has a heart of gold and puts it out there!  She’s known as Jubilee, bringing rainbows and sparkles everywhere she goes, be it in her multiple business ventures, to the grocery store, to conversation and connection.  She brings life to any room she enters,
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