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DTO ~ Musician Highlight

He’s handsome, multi-talented, and has a passionate voice for love, light and awareness… he’s DTO.   I have had the pleasure of knowing DTO as both a friend and an artist for years.  In fact, he even played piano at my wedding!  Whether  he’s rockin’ on the drums, carrying your heart away on the piano,
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The Sight and Sounds of Passion

A few months ago I was asked to shoot the performances and festivities at a CD release party in honor of Krista Richards and the release of her first solo EP, Passion. This event also featured the release of another well loved artist, Kiyoshi, with his EP, Affirmation.  This event took place in the beautiful
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DJ Frances

I can just hear her laugh as I sit down to write this.  Frances, or DJ Frances as she is publicly known, is a rare gem.  She’s both a crowd rocking Dj and a passionate friend with a generous heart.  She’s got a smile to light up the darkest of darks, and her laugh is
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DJ Diamond

Shooting DJ Diamond was such a supreme treat!  A dear friend and total inspiration, we were stoked to work together! With her elegant sensuality, her prowess in front of a camera, and her giant heart shining out of those big beautiful eyes, I was in for a fun and flowing shoot!  The whole experience felt effortless…
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