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Meet Jayme.  Jayme and I first met when he came to support one of my performances in San Diego.   I loved him from the start, with his joyful personality and playfulness.  We connected over meaningful conversations, hoop dancing, and his participation in Coastal Sol.  This shoot was a special treat for me, as Jayme
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Photo Booth Portraits

Talk about fun… my Fiance and I set up a white backdrop and used an umbrella for lighting as we created birthday celebration photo booth portraits of our guests!   Some shots had the nature of a personal portrait shoot. I supplied silly glasses, hats and props, as did guests…  We created a variety of
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Anja Indirani

I’ve known Anja Indirani for years.  I can in fact remember knowing who she was, before we actually knew each other.  I was struck by her grace, her beauty, her passion for expression and her inner flame, that burned so very bright, especially in the light of her performances.  It wasn’t long before we were
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Welcome to my Photo Site

Greetings! I am so excited to share my passion for creative expression, capturing beautiful moments and the essence of people with you!  Stay tuned to my site for my recent shoots, concepts, adventures and inspirations!