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Honeymoon in Bali

Below are some stories from my honeymoon to Bali with my hubby Aaron.  The pictures contained in this blog are off of a small point and shoot camera, my i phone.   Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. The province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighboring islands to the south-east,
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Engagement Bliss

Engagement Bliss.  Such a beautiful time of excitement and celebration, of commitment, and dreams of lifelong love.  I love love.  I love being in love, cheering on love, and I strive to practice love as a state of being.  Sure, it takes practice, patience, grace… as does any lifelong commitment.  What a gift to be
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Photo Booth Portraits

Talk about fun… my Fiance and I set up a white backdrop and used an umbrella for lighting as we created birthday celebration photo booth portraits of our guests!   Some shots had the nature of a personal portrait shoot. I supplied silly glasses, hats and props, as did guests…  We created a variety of
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Kimmie Laughter

Kimmie Laughter.  No…. her last name isn’t actually laughter… but it should be! This gorgeous woman gives what myself and my fiance Aaron like to call, “Fun F.O.M.O” (fear of missing out on fun).  Within ear shot, just one laugh from her immediately makes you want to be in her presence, to know what kinds
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Anja Indirani

I’ve known Anja Indirani for years.  I can in fact remember knowing who she was, before we actually knew each other.  I was struck by her grace, her beauty, her passion for expression and her inner flame, that burned so very bright, especially in the light of her performances.  It wasn’t long before we were
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Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson is one of those natural beauties, from the inside out.  She maintains a level of humility, while at the same time, wowing you with her depth and intellect.  We had a lot of fun together, capturing her in settings of nature.  This shoot is being used for her brand new product and company
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Adventures in Costa Rica

First time in Costa Rica.  Wow. You feel it, the thickness of the air.  A deeper level of oxygen then we are use to in the states, and other more developed parts of the world.  In the midst of massive clear cutting, Costa Rica still maintains deep rainforest Canopies and seemingly endless greenery, bringing a
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Welcome to my Photo Site

Greetings! I am so excited to share my passion for creative expression, capturing beautiful moments and the essence of people with you!  Stay tuned to my site for my recent shoots, concepts, adventures and inspirations!